Fats, Oil & Grease (F.O.G) is a by product of foods such as vegtables, vegatable oils, meat proteins, and dairy products created in commercial food service kitchens such as hotels, schools, care homes, hospitals, pubs, take aways etc, these by products will find their way into the drains and sewers during food preperation and the cleaning down process. As soon as these oils and fats begin to cool they will start to solidify blocking and damaging internal drainage pipes and external sewer pipes.

These blockages will add unwelcome aditional costs to a busy kitchens budgets as once completly hardend  the only way they can be removed will be using high pressure hoses and jetting to disperse the F.O.Gs.

If the problem is left untreated it is likely the F.O.Gs will find their way into the external sewer system with the potential of causing fatbergs, this can then have consequences such as the potential for burst pipes, environmental damage or even a risk to the public, more often the Water Companies are looking to place blame upon commercial enterprise for the recovery of costs due to this damage.

Preventaion is always better (and less costly) than a cure and you can achieve this very simply by firstly by ensuring F.O.Gs are stopped at the source and is not allowed to enter the waste system, good maintainence and cleaning will help with this.

In addition a simple Enzyme Drain Maintainence cleaner should be installed in the most vunreble areas of the kitchen, such as the wash up, food digester or dishwasher. These Enzyme Drain Maintainence products will dose a measure of solution into the drains late at night when the kitchen is out of use to build up a bactericidal guard eating all of the F.O.Gs in the drains before it is able to solidify and harden. This bacteria will gorge on the F.O.Gs and then turn to water which will then harmlessly disperse through the drain system before it becomes a problem.

These systems are installed and maintained by us at All Purpose and the equipment is loaned to you and serviced free of charge, your only requirement is to ensure a container of the Enzyme Drain Maintainer is replaced whenever empty. 

The system is easy to set up and maintain and will provide you with the pease of mind that while you and your team are busy the drains are being maintained and kept clear of the potential for costly blockages.

If you would like more information or further explaination please cll us on 01664 566599 where one of our team will assist you in the installation - remember the cost of installing, maintaining and servicing the equipment is free and is caried out by us at All Purpose, please click the link below to order the Enzyme Drain Maintainer