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·       Hand sanitiser, disinfectants, bleaches and degreasers

·       Leading commercial cleaning chemicals from Altro, Evans, Jeyes 

·       Domestic and commercial cleaning chemicals for restaurant, bar, commercial kitchen and more

Whether you’re in hospitality, healthcare, catering or bar management maintaining the correct cleaning procedures and using the right cleaning chemicals keeps clients, customers and staff safe from easily spread bacteria, keeps premises smelling fresh and looking attractive.

The All Purpose range includes specialist cleaning chemicals to buy in bulk through to those suited for more high traffic areas of restaurant front of house. Essential cleaning chemicals for house keeping, floor cleaning, auto dishwashing, caretakers and janitorial are all available, giving the correct cleaning chemical solution for your location.

We offer free delivery on every order over £75 within the UK and maintain a wide selection of essential ancillaries such as mops, buckets and janitorial supplies to help fulfil all your cleaning and hygiene needs.


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