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Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essentials

·       Saucepans, stockpots, thermometers - strainers, peelers & scales 

·       Clogs, caps and aprons

·       Wrap, seal, vacuum pack or storage - labelling & printing

·       Kitchen HygieneHealth and Safety, Food Preperation

Catering for every aspect of the kitchen environment with professional cookware and utensils essential for high quality food preparation in commercial kitchens, restaurants and domestic locations. From the start of service to the clean up at the end of the day, your chef’s and caterers can find all they need at All Purpose. 

A carefully curated collection of products to kit out the entirety of the kitchen environment from start to finish of the day. Chef’s clothing and PPE solutions, the correct chopping boards essential for food hygiene along with a wide selection of everyday utensils, high quality pans and pots as well as everything for baking, mixing serving.

In addition to those food preparation essentials there’s labelling for displaying production dates to keeping food stored and easily identified for later use and the appropriate cleaning products to keep surfaces free from bacteria, smelling fresh and ready for the next service. 

The wide selection of kitchen essentials are available with free UK delivery on all orders over £75.  


  • Health & Safety
    Purchase health and safety equipment for your workplace at All Purpose. We stock health and safety supples perfect for hotels, restaurants and more.
  • Utensils
    Shop professional kitchen utensils at All Purpose today. We stock a wide range of commercial kitchen equiment, from chefs knives to mixing bowls and more.
  • Cookware
    Discover our selection of professional cookware for catering events and commercial venues. From kitchen scales and food strainers to tin openers and more.
  • Baking
    Shop our range of high-quality baking equipment for commercial establishments and catering events. Click here to view our full selection of baking tools.
  • Kitchen Hygiene
    With a vast range to choose from our kitchen hygiene range offers you exactly the right choice to help you maintain safest and highest professional kitchen hygiene standards.
  • Food Wrapping
    Do you require equipment for professional food prep? We stock a vast collection of food preparation equipment, including cling film and cooking appliances.
  • PPE
    Discover our selection of kitchen gloves and kitchen PPE available at All Purpose. View our full range of products by clicking here.
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