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Tork Napkin Dispenser Xpressnap Stand

Tork Napkin Dispenser Xpressnap Stand

£31.10 Excluding VAT

The Tork Xpressnap® Stand Napkin Dispenser, ideal for limited-service restaurants with high traffic.

This modern dispenser delivers napkins one-at-a-time, improving hygiene and reducing consumption by at least 25% when compared to traditional napkin dispensers.

The upright design reduces the amount of countertop area needed

The AD-A-Glance® customisable display window serves as an advertising tool to promote your products and engage with your guests

Wall-mounting feature allows for quick permanent installation

Made with durable and easy-to-clean materials that reduce maintenance and labour costs.

Tork Stainless Steel Hand Towel Dispenser

Tork Stainless Steel Hand Towel Dispenser

£100.43 Excluding VAT

A modern design with smooth surfaces and clean lines that fits seamlessly in your washroom.

Create a great impression that boosts the high-quality image of your facility.

Stylish stainless steel with anti-finger print coating looks great and stays clean.

One-at-a-time dispensing for reduced consumption and increased hygiene

Extra slim design – attractive and space-saving

Top-up able feature ensures hand towels never run out

Tork Xpress Hand Towel Dispenser

Tork Xpress Hand Towel Dispenser

£29.19 Excluding VAT

The Tork Xpress® Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser in Elevation Design is suitable for environments that demand both comfort and hygiene.

This slim, attractive dispenser reduces consumption and waste with one-at-a-time dispensing.
Tork Elevation dispensers have a functional, modern design that makes a lasting impression on your guests.

Good hygiene as guests only touch the towel used

Bundles can be topped up easily to avoid paper run-outs

Hassle free maintenance due to overfill protection for easy refilling